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The Dining Room Cast List



1. Client Ilyas Nur

Agent Kimimila DeCory

2. Arthur Ethan Ross

Sally Barbara Danku

3. Annie Lillian Zhang

Father Peter Markham

Charlie Emmanuel Ramirez

Girl Sarahi Gonzalez Alvarez

Mother Ada Vanderbilt

4. Ellie Izzy Williams

Howard Karlos Morales

5. Grace Brin Kordatsky

Carolyn Breanna Hamann

6. Michael Emmanuel Ramirez

Aggie Cate Causey-Mullaney

7. Architect Liam Parlin

Psychiatrist Theo Rosivach

8. Peggy Samantha Wiesnerv

Brewster Landon Blanck

Billy Matteo Beach

Sandra Oluwatobiloba Samuel

Winkie Grace Murray

Ted Peter Markham

Sam Samson Solbro

Santi Sarahi Gonzalez Alvarez

9. Grandpa Matteo Beach

Nick Jason Ryan

Dora Hana Weegman

10. Margery Ada Vanderbilt

Paul Miles Collins

11. Old Lady Cate Causey Mullaney

Stuart Karlos Morales

Nancy Zoey Tenenbaum

Beth Kas Roemer

Ben Ethan Ross

Fred Peter Markham


1. Sarah Elayna Woodward

Helen Breanna Hamann

2. Gordon Ilyas Nur

Kate Ell Mevissen

Chris Arrow Fisher

3. Tony Theo Rosivach

Harriet Barbara Danku

4. Jim Liam Parlin

Meg Samantha Wiesner

5. Standish Landon Blanck

Claire Savannah Hepola

Emily Marley Vigoren

David Jason Ryan

Bertha Grace Murray

6. Harvey Miles Collins

Dick Peter Markham

7. Annie Lillian Zhang

Ruth Ada Vanderbilt

Host Peter Markham

Read Thru Friday March 3rd starting at 320 in the theater end by 545pm

Schedules and additional info will be given at that time 

If you decline your role, please let us know ASAP contact student directors, Samantha Wiesner, Lilly Grommes immediately

If you were not cast in this show, please don’t feel discouraged! We are looking for students to be part of our tech team! Fill out this Google form

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