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The Play That Goes Wrong Auditions

Auditions will be held Thursday, February 29th @ 3:20PM sharp
in the Irondale Auditorium
General Audition Information
  • Before the audition, fill out the online audition form. 
  • Click on audition sides for reading and familiarize yourself with each of the scenes. 
  • For the audition: you will be reading from the sides listed below, as well as participating in some improv and some movement based activity. We need to see your willingness to work on your feet and tackle the physical aspects of the show. 
  • Tip: The scene sides do not need to be memorized, just familiarize yourself. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel! 
  • PLEASE NOTE: This is a physically demanding show. Most roles will require varying amounts of crawling, climbing, lifting, running, and/or falling. There is also a sword fight and some hand-to- hand combat. 
  • Finally, please join our slack page, Current Irondale Drama Students! We use this page to post information about rehearsals, shows, special events, and everything else you may need to know. 
  • Questions? Email with any questions you have about the audition process or the production. 
Audition Scenes

Character Descriptions

As with any play-within-a-play, you have the complication of the characters of the actors doing the play-within-the-play and the characters within the play-within-the-play. To make it a little simpler, the names are laid out below in two lists: .firstly the members of the Carnley Drama Society who are putting on the play, and secondly the characters of The Murder at Haversham Manor. The text always uses the actors' names rather than the characters' names .

Members of the Cornley Drama Society

Annie: Company's Stage Manager

Stage Crew (6-8): Cornley Drama Society Stage Crew

Trevor (or Taylor): Company's Lighting and Sound Operator

Chris (or Christine): Head of the Drama Society, directed the play, and plays Inspector Carter

Jonathan: Plays Charles Haversham

Robert (or Rachel): plays Thomas (or Mary) Colleymoore

Dennis (or Denise): plays Perkins

Max: plays Cecil Haversham and Arthur the Gardener

Sandra: plays Florence Colleymoore

Characters in The Murder at Haversham Manor

CHARLES HAVERSHAM, the deceased. 
THOMAS (or MARY) COLLEYMOORE, Charles' old school friend. 
PERKINS, Charles' butler (or maid). 
VERSHAM, Charles' brother. 
FLORENCE COLLEYMOORE, Charles' fiancee and Thomas'/Mary's sister. 
INSPECTOR CARTER, an esteemed local inspector. 
ARTHUR THE GARDENER, the gardener at Haversham Manor 

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